The Best Way To Become Successful With Amazon Associates

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Amazon Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest and convenient ways to create an additional source of income from online sales, with the potential full-time online business as well. Amazon’s revenue increased 37.4% to a record of $96.15 billion, it’s net income also set a quarterly record at $6.33 billion, an increase of 196.7% over the third quarter of 2019.

This type of scale makes Amazon attractive to small businesses and marketers and makes Amazon associates and each Amazon affiliate part of the global marketplace. Whether it is a small business looking to take advantage of Amazon affiliate programs or individual Amazon associates, there are always many opportunities to generate revenue.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates with websites or any other digital presence can make recommendations on items sold by Amazon. This not only introduces a new way to engage with customers but also creates an opportunity to get an affiliate fee with an amazing purchase. With an inventory of more than one million products, order fulfilment, delivery, returns and customer service, the Amazon affiliate program may be an attractive way to start a business or enhance the current capability of your company, but only after you become an Amazon affiliate.

How to become an Amazon Affiliate?

Step 1: Log in to Amazon Affiliate Area, scroll at the bottom of Amazon home page and press Become an Affiliate and then press Join now in the next page.


Step 2: Submit personal and website details.


Step 3: Verify your identity.


Step 4: Choose how you want to be paid.

Once the registration process is complete, Amazon will give access to their Associate’s platform where you will be able to get affiliate links for their products.

Promotion of Amazon Affiliate links

  1. Blogging: Bloggers create a general topic site where they use a wide range of affiliate programs and other monetization options to make money.
  2. Social Media: You can use social media to share affiliate links directly or you can link them with your blog content. It is important that you specify that the link is an affiliate link so that you don’t annoy your followers.
  3. Youtube Videos: You can also create videos with the content and post product reviews on them, including affiliate links on the video description. You can provide tutorials and other visual content so that the consumers can decide whether to buy the product or not. 
  4. Lead Magnets and Emails: Various successful marketers have an email marketing system and a basic two-page website that promote their affiliate links automatically and help them make passive income.
  5. Add Amazon offers to your existing business: You can link the amazon product offers to other business offerings to promote your products and create an additional income. Promoting the product or making a sale increases the chances of users seeing other related products or buying them too.

Maximizing Sales for Amazon Associates Account

  • Promote related products: When you are offering a product, promote other products and try to sell them too. Example- a restaurant promoting fries and cold drinks with burgers or pizzas.
  • Managing referrals buying list: Amazon Associate Program is unique in letting you know which products your referrals are buying and whether you referred the products or not. If the products they bought are not added to your product list, you can go ahead and add them.
  • Monitoring your analytics: Make better use of the reporting system that Amazon provides to sellers and promoters. Keep a check on the number of clicks on the specific products, see what is being sold and analyse other data to figure out what market wants and is willing to pay for.

Pros of becoming an Amazon Affiliate

  • Amazon is one of the most visited websites and there are multiple reasons why you should become an Amazon Affiliate, Amazon is a well-known name and people trust the brand.
  • The Amazon Affiliate program is totally free to join.
  • Millions of products are offered to promote and sell.
  • There are no metrics or traffic thresholds that you need to accept to join this program.
  • A good reporting system is offered to the users to analyze the number clicks and products that have been sold.
  • A direct deposit payment is offered at Affiliates’ bank account.
  • A good customer service is provided to the customers, reducing the risk of customers getting annoyed at you, if they have any issue with the product.
  • If the visitor on that visit buys another product, instead of the one you recommended, you still earn a commission 

Cons of becoming an Amazon Affiliate

  • Amazon provides a low commission rate as compared to other affiliate programs. The program offers a flat commision rate for reward programs like $3 for Prime referrals, $15 for Business account signups, and $5 for Audible referrals.
  • Amazon website cookies last only for 24 hours, which means if your referral doesn’t purchase within 24 hours, you won’t receive a commission. However if they add the product in their cart, the cookies last 90 days.
  • Amazon affiliate links can’t be shared through emails, other than the ones that include blog posts. This rule disappoints the referrers since email is one of the best ways to share great offers with your readers.
  • You do not get credit for the products that are bought  from outside the country.
  • Amazon provides only limited options for payment such as direct deposits, Amazon gift cards, or cheque. Paypal, which is one of the most popular payment options, is not supported by Amazon.


Affiliate Marketing with Amazon is an excellent way of making money at home. However, it really takes time and effort and more than just creating a website. Creating a blog page, sharing affiliate links and understanding consumer needs by providing related information and also arranging resources to meet the needs of the consumers.

It is the age of the internet where affiliate marketing has become a very effective marketing strategy. Digital marketing has been a unique and crucial way for both individuals and marketers. It is a good way to earn a living, anyone with the necessary knowledge can become an affiliate marketer, with dedication towards objective and right attitude.

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