Cold Emailing: A Guide To Succeed With Cold Emails

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Getting a reply to cold emails can be very hard. Why? There can probably be two reasons for it. Your audience doesn’t know who you are and you lack non-verbal feedbacks, so you can’t modify your approach in real-time. As a result of it, many cold email campaign fails.

In fact, you may be thinking that:

“Cold email is dead”,  “It’s a Spam”

What if I say it’s not true or may be true up to a certain extend.

But the actual truth is people have built careers and launched start-ups using cold emailing. Cold emailing when done with a proper strategy can boost your lead generation and increase your revenue.

What is Cold Email?

Cold email is an initial email that is sent to prospects with the motive of gaining benefit in terms of favour, sales, opportunity or any dual-sided gain.

In simple words, when you send email to someone you don’t know for some specific reason.

Also, cold email is a personalized, one to one message targeted at a specific individual.

Its aim is to get into a business conversation with that individual, rather than to promote a product or a service to the masses.

Tips to grow your business with cold emails

Here are some proven methods that may increase your business through cold emails:

Build a proper email list-

Building an email list is essential for any type of email marketing. Without emails whom are you going to send the mails?

While collecting the emails make sure you target a focused customer persona. Customer personas will help you increase the relevance of your cold emails and increase your response rates.

There are tons of methods to collect an email list. You may use some or all of those methods. The most common form of prospecting is manual prospecting.

Be friendly

While writing the emails make sure it doesn’t sound like a sales email. You don’t have to use perfect grammar or any kind of fancy words. 

Great writing is all about being clear and concise. And the best emails are conversational.

Your goal is simply to be yourself and building trust.

Keep it short, easy, and actionable

The short emails are more likely to be responsive than the long ones. And the emails that have clear request are more likely to get more response rate.

The best way to keep things short and direct is to write like the way you would talk.

Start with the introduction of yourself first and then come to the topic you actually wanna write about. This will help your prospects to build a healthy relationship.

Don’t make it sound like a template

I know that email templates save a lot of your time. But if you and everyone on the planet use the same template.

Guess what?

No one will stand out.

Worst case scenario, your prospect might have 100s of cold emails in their inbox that sound exactly the same as yours.

So, take a little time to modify the email template and make it sound a little unique.

Personalize your email

A study found that personalized emails can boost your response rate by 30%-40%. However, most people don’t use personalization in their emails.

And by the term personalization, I don’t mean to say that you send each and every email separately.

The simplest form of personalization is to address the reader by their name.

Don’t Spam emails

Cold emailing is not about spamming which I don’t recommend as well. Spamming may send your emails into the spam box of your prospect and in the worst case scenario your mail account may get banned permanently.

Cold emails are to get the right prospect and in a proper manner and not just by spamming emails

The positive part of a cold email

  • Cold emails can be personalized with a customized copy.
  • Cold emails are persistent.
  • Can be scaled easily.
  • Cold emails directly reach the user’s inbox.

Cons of cold email

  • You will need an automation tool to scale up.
  • You’ll need to have good copywriting skills.
  • Your email account might get banned permanently.
  • Need to wait a long time.
  • Follow-ups needed. 


Cold email can be beneficial as we mentioned but they can also lead to failure due to lack of communication with the audience.

Failing to approach and modifying your content in real-time can lead to cold email failure.

Sending multiple emails doesn’t ensure your feedback or response.

So, it is necessary that you follow the principles mentioned above and keep your data simple and friendly which in turn will increase your success rate in this platform.

Taking advice from veterans is also important.

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