Commission Hero Review: Is The $1000 Per Day Claim True?

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commission hero review

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money online and Commission Hero claims to help you generate $1000 daily from affiliate marketing and with zero experience.

In this post, I’m going to discuss about the $1000 per day claim and what goes inside the Commission Hero course.

Without wasting any more time.

Let’s get started…

What is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing course by Robby Blanchard that promises you to make over $1000 per day with affiliate marketing.

For those who don’t know what affiliate marketing is, affiliate marketing is the process of promoting some other’s products and earning a commission from it when you bring a sale.

The course teaches you how to build 1-2 pages websites to promote affiliate products using Facebook Ads and make revenue.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

As mentioned above Robby Blanchard is the creator of Commission Hero and in 2019 he was named the top affiliate of ClickBank ( ClickBank is the worlds leading affiliate platform).

Robby started his career as a Gym owner (Crossfit) in 2014. In order to promote his Gym, he started out with Facebook ads which turned out to be a huge success.

Robby claimed that his fitness program was generating about $10,000 per month on ClickBank. After seeing such success from it, he decided to try affiliate marketing himself.

Here’s a video of Robby Blanchard that talks about his journey in affiliate marketing-

Robby Blanchard’s affiliate marketing story

Who is Commission Hero for?

Commission hero is a course that teaches you to be successful in affiliate marketing with paid ads.

If you are the kind of guy that wants to be rich overnight after purchasing the course then you should better look for other affiliate marketing courses out there in the market.

And apart from that, you also should be willing to invest another $500-$1000 or more after purchasing the course.

After purchasing the course you need to devote at least 10-15 hours per week to build your business.

If you are ready for this then you can……….

Commission Hero Course In 3 Steps

In Commission Hero, Robby doesn’t teach anything that is very hard to do. It teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing and how to promote them with paid ads or Facebook ads to be more precise.

Let’s break down the Commission Hero Course in 3 easy steps:-


1. Finding a product to promote

The success in affiliate marketing depends mostly on your products and niche research.

It is very important to choose a product that is profitable and scalable with paid ads or any other promotion methods.

For the product to promote, you can find them from ClickBank. It has a huge number of products to promote and a variety of niches to choose from.

Here’s a list of some ClickBank Products that I found profitable.

There are other affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate, Warrior Plus, JVZoo, etc. to choose your affiliate offers for promotion.

While searching for offers to promote it is better to stick to the evergreen niches such as:

Make Money Online

People are always curious to learn how to make money online.

After the global pandemic, more people are looking for online opportunities to make money online from the comfort of their homes. This gives us (the affiliate marketers) a golden opportunity to promote make money online products and make some revenue out of it.

Heath and Fitness

People are always curious about their health and fitness. No matter what era we are in, we will always be aware of our health and fitness issues.

Thus, health and fitness products always convert better than any other products on the market.

This doesn’t mean that other affiliate products don’t convert well. There are some products that convert more than health-related products.


Many of us like having a personal garden, I personally like to have one.

Spending time gardening is not only gives us peace of mind but also the vegetables we get from it are healthy for our bodies.

When the world is being more and more polluted self-gardening techniques products are having a rise in their demand.

2. Creating a Landing Page

The next step after you find a product to promote is creating a landing page.

The landing page not only helps you from violating the Facebook Ad policies but also keeps your audience engaged to purchase the product that you are promoting.

Now, let’s come to the Commission Hero Course.

Commission Hero works with Clickfunnels as the landing page creator but it’s up to you to use it or not. You can use other landing page creators like Get Response, Aweber, Unbounce, etc. for creating your landing pages.

Commission Hero also teaches you how to write an awesome landing page copy and some tips and tricks of writing for those who don’t have good writing skills or for those whose first language isn’t English.

P.s- Get Response and Aweber only helps you create landing pages but you can also use them for effective email marketing.

3. Promoting It With Facebook Ads

Let’s say you’ve chosen great products that convert very well and created awesome and engaging landing pages but wait. How are you going to get sales if people don’t know about your products and landing pages?

This is what Commission Hero teaches you. Creating ad copies and how to run them successfully.

The entire process takes up to 3-4 hours at the beginning of the course and once you acquire the knack for it, it will hardly take you 30 minutes to complete the whole process.

P.s- Test both short and long ad copies and check out which one performs better for certain products. And also use different images and thumbnails for the different ad copies while running your ads.

Commission Hero testimonials

It’s hard to believe what people say but when we see testimonials we know that it is true.

Here are some testimonials of it:

commission hero testimonials

Pros and Cons of Commission Hero


  • You get access to the Commission Hero’s Facebook group and it’s updated all the time.
  • You can ask any questions related to affiliate marketing.
  • The live training is frequent and very thorough.
  • Commission Hero can be a worth joining program to create a side hustle. Don’t think of Commission Hero as a “get rich quick scheme”.

Here’s the rules of Commission Hero’s Facebook group;

commission hero facebook group
Commission Hero Facebook Group Rules


  • The course is very expensive.
  • There are hidden expenses to the course. Although the expenses are for running ads and to get a subscription to a landing page creator.
  • Some people are complaining that they are not getting any replies to their questions regarding refunds.


Staying home wearing pajamas and making money with just a few clicks on our computer is a dream for many.

Commission Hero can help you make that dream come true.

But the claim to earn $1000 per day may not be as true for all, although there are students who are earning up to $1000 every day.

For beginners, Commission Hero can be very helpful to get the idea of how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

However, the budget is an important aspect to look for before purchasing Commission Hero.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to spend some extra $500 after purchasing the Commission Hero Course, you should look for some other affiliate marketing courses out there in the market.


Does it work in all countries?

Although they claim that it works in all countries, Clickbank and  Facebook are not allowed in some countries.
You should look at whether your country allows you to use them both.

Can you make money with Commission hero?

Yes, you can surely make money with it but the claim of earning $1000 may not be true to all.

Does Commission Hero Offer Refund?

Yes, it does allow a refund. However, there are complaints about not get their refund.

How much does Commission Hero costs?

The price of Commission Hero is set to be $997. Prices can change according to your selection of installments.

Is Commission Hero Legit?

There is no doubt that Commission Hero is legit and many people are getting results out of it.

Here’s the best alternative of Commission Hero

Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System will be the best alternative of Commission Hero.

Super Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing course by John Crestani.

Check this Super Affiliate System Review if you are interested.


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