10 Content Marketing Questions You Have [Answered]

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Want to start content marketing?

But you are filled with doubts?

Don’t worry, we all have doubts and questions before we start anything.

Here’s I listed some Content Marketing questions people mostly have.

10 Content Marketing Questions- Answered

1. Why Content Marketing is Important?

Content marketing is important because it helps grow your business, drives more sales, builds trust with your customers, and also helps you engage with your audience.

Most marketers also say that “Content is King” and they can’t imagine their business without content marketing.

2. How content marketing helps businesses?

Content marketing helps businesses to increase brand awareness, engage with their loyal audience, increase website traffic, and much more.

3. How Content Marketing Works?

With content marketing, you provide valuable information or materials to your audience and slowly driving them into a sales funnel.

Some common examples of content marketing are blogs, eBooks, Social media posts, videos, etc.

Using content marketing you can keep your audience engaged and eventually driving them into a sales funnel.

4. Is Content Marketing Dead?

This is a difficult question to answer.

Since about 70% of businesses are into content marketing doesn’t mean that all of their content are winning at content marketing. And due to that many people assume that content marketing is dead and doesn’t work anymore.

Well, content marketing isn’t death but all of your content won’t work well. 

5. How Content Marketing Drives Sales?

As mentioned above, with content marketing you provide valuable information to your audience, keeping them engaged, and slowly driving them into a sales funnel. Thus, driving sales from it.

This method is mostly used for affiliate marketing and cold emails to turn prospects into customers.

6. Is Content Marketing Effective?

Content marketing is super effective when done properly and in a strategic manner.

People who don’t find Content marketing effective are those who don’t have a proper content marketing strategy or the people making content marketing mistakes without even realizing it.

7. How Content Marketing Helps SEO?

People often get confused between SEO and content marketing, they think that Content Marketing is SEO.

Why won’t someone get confused? Because SEO mostly depends on the quality of your content.

The more high quality your content is the more you get engagements, backlinks and the better you rank on search engines.

8. How to Use Content Marketing?

You can use Content marketing in different ways like increasing your brand awareness, increasing your website traffic, in cold emails to accomplish a certain goal, etc.

9. What are the best tools to use for Content Marketing?

Tools always help us to make things easier and simple for us.

So, here are few Content marketing tools you should be using:


Buzzsumo is a perfect tool for content research, helping you find influencers in your industry that can help you grow your business and connects you with them.


Text-based content doesn’t engage well without visual content and Canva helps you to create visual content.

You can create anything from Instagram posts to Facebook videos and it’s absolutely free. However, Canva does have a premium plan and it restricts you to use some of its elements and templates without the premium plan or without paying for them.


Grammar is important in text-based content and it is nearly impossible for any of us to check each and every grammatical mistake.

Grammarly checks all your grammatical mistakes and saves a lot of time.

Grammarly is something that I personally use and recommend others to use as well.


To get the most out of content marketing, it is also important to leverage email marketing.

GetResponse is an email service provider that saves a lot of time.

You can automate everything in GetResponse and let it do the rest of your email marketing campaigns for you.

There are a lot more tools that you can use to help you in your content marketing, you also need to use some SEO tools to run your Content marketing effectively.

However, these tools are some necessary tools that you will need to start your content marketing journey.

10. How Content Marketing will Change in 2021?

Writing all the content marketing changes might make this question very lengthy.

To keep things shorter and simple.

Here’s a video of Neil Patel that speaks about Content Marketing changes in 2021

Credit- Neil Patel

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