A Full Step By Step Beginners Guide to CPA Marketing

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cpa marketing
Cost per action

Cpa marketing or cost per action is an affiliate marketing model where the commission is paid when the user takes a specific action. The action may be filling up a form, downloading an app or pdf, signing up for trials, etc.

According to Wikipedia Cost per action (CPA) is an online advertising measurement and pricing model, referring to a specified action – for example- a sale, click, or form submit (e.g., contact request, newsletter sign up, registration, etc.)

How does Cpa marketing work?

The Cpa marketing model is very simple to understand. Let’s break it down to check who all are involved in CPA marketing and how does it work.

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Affiliates or Publishers- They are the ones to promote the product or the service to drive traffic to the product or service page and making a specific conversion.

Advertisers- The advertisers are the one with the product or service who desires a partnership with affiliates to get quality traffic to their business website, increase sales, or boost conversions.

CPA network- The CPA network brings together the affiliates who want to earn money by promoting products or services and the advertisers who want to promote their products and services.

Why Choose CPA marketing?

There are tons of benefits of CPA marketing if you are just getting started in the field of online marketing.

Here are some benefits of CPA marketing for advertisers-

  • CPA marketing is very easy to launch. You just need a website and a CPA network.
  • You’re not paying for the traffic that doesn’t convert. You only pay the promoter if he/she brings conversions not only traffic.
  • Since the payments are made after the conversion, the risk becomes incredibly low comparing to other promotional methods.

Here are some benefits of CPA marketing for publishers or affiliates-

  • You aren’t selling anything. So, the conversion rate is higher for CPA marketing.
  • The action is email submit or signing up for trials most of the times.
  • You can promote it in any platform and can start making money.

How to get started with CPA marketing?

Let’s check out one by one what are the things required to get started with CPA marketing-

  1. Finding an offer to promote

There are lots of offers to promote out there but the question is how to know which products to promote?

Here are some important things to look for in an offer before you start promoting it. You must check that the offer you are promoting is legit because mostly in the CPA marketing network there are lots of scams happening. 

After you are done checking it, you can now check the landing page of the offer. Why? Because most of the things are decided from the landing page itself. A person may not complete the action if the landing page doesn’t look professional.

  1. Joining a network

The network that I would recommend will be MaxBounty and CPA lead. These are the two leading CPA networks at present.

Let me make a thing clear in advance, you’ll need to get approved in MaxBounty before you can actually start promoting offers whereas in CPA lead you just need to sign up to start promoting offers.

  1.  Platform to promote

Literally, anything works, even your Facebook and Instagram Profile will work. The only thing that matters is to get lead from it. But having a website makes it look more professional. By the way, you can create a free website using Bloggers, Google sites, and the best part is you can even create a free website using WordPress.

  1. Driving traffic 

Now that you’ve created your website let’s check out how you can drive traffic to your site. The best method to drive traffic can be using SEO(Check out our SEO article to learn more about SEO) to drive traffic from search engines organically. You can also use native ads, Google ads, and even Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website.

Methods to promote CPA Offers

There are several methods to promote CPA offers, some require to have a website but some don’t. If you look closely CPA marketing is not so different from that of affiliate marketing. At the end of the day what matters is that you drive traffic and bring conversions to earn a commission.

Here are some of the most popular promotional methods that you may come across-

  1. Review website- Generally these types of websites will contain three or more products within a certain niche i.e. Weight Loss Pills or Lawn Fertilizer. They will then give you a brief introduction to each product, a review of the product’s performance, and then usually a star rating out of five. Each of these products will usually be ranked in order and all will contain links to either a personalized landing page (introduced below) or direct to the merchant.
  2. Sales/Landing Page – This site is usually more of a direct sales page and will likely introduce a lot more information on the product that it discusses. It will typically be a very hard sale and work to get it’s reader either clicking through to the merchant there and then or at the very least signed up to the site owners’ mailing list. Some sales pages will try to do both of these things, though it can often be beneficial to have one direct path through a landing page. Too many options can ultimately mean losing clicks.
  3. Splash Page – This is usually content light and will have flashy graphics with some punchy headlines and copy to encourage readers to input their details or click through to the merchant. Product information is usually minimal and these types of pages are often reserved for products that need little explanation or are already famous i.e. competition for an iPhone or Macbook.
  4. Quiz / Fun Landing Page – Similar to the splash page but even simpler. There will usually be a question with two or more answers that can then be clicked on through huge domineering buttons. Sometimes some sort of game may be used on a page of this style and it is not the kind of page that someone will be revisiting. The only purpose is to get that click-through and get it now.


I hope the information was helpful to get started with CPA marketing.

Now it’s your turn to get started with CPA marketing.

Either way, let me know about your experience in CPA marketing in the comments below.

If you have any suggestions regarding CPA marketing let me know in the comments.

Hope you have a wonderful CPA marketing journey.

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