7 Common Email Marketing Mistakes You Make Unknowingly

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Email marketing is said to be the most profitable marketing strategy. It gives an ROI of up to $37 for every $1 spent which is about 3700%. It’s crazy, isn’t it?

Although email marketing seems to be very effective when it comes to marketing, there are certain mistakes that can ruin your ROI or decrease the conversion of your email campaigns.

In this post, I’m going to discuss some of the most common email marketing mistakes people make when starting with email marketing.

Let’s get started.

1. Not Sending a Welcome Email

This is the most common mistake people make is not having a welcome email campaign.

According to a research done by Hive.co in 2018, it is found that Welcome emails have an open rate of 91.43% with 26.90 CTR (Click Through Rate).

If you don’t have a Welcome email campaign for your new subscribers then you are missing out on a Golden opportunity to interact with your visitors or subscribers.

Sending a Welcome personified email with all the details about your business can help your new subscribers understand more about your services and your business.

You can also send a normal Welcome email and a follow-up email that explains your business and the services you provide.

2. Not Segmenting Email List

The biggest mistake someone can make is not segmenting their email list.

It is always recommended to segment your email list no matter how small the list is. All of your subscribers have different interests and different motives for providing their emails to you.


Sending them emails with the same offers that you send everyone may decrease your open rates or you may be even marked as spam by your subscriber.

Most email marketing providers like GetResponse, Aweber, etc. provide you with options like segmentation.

Segmenting your email list and sending them separate emails makes them feel special, they’re more likely to convert that way.

You can segment your email list based on these factors-

  • Age
  • Location
  • Interest
  • Language
  • Browsing behavior
  • Previous purchase

3. Writing Poor Subject Lines

We get dozens of emails every day and most of us just scan the subject then we decide whether to open the email or not.

Poor subject lines always remain unopened in most cases, it is also found that subject lines under 60 characters tend to have better open rates.

It is easy to say but hard to follow, it’s not possible to keep the subject lines under 60 characters. Depending on your audience, you can use emojis or hyped subject lines that may perform better. If you’re sending an email for B2B then sticking to professional wording may perform better in that case.

The toning of your subject line also depends on the content you’ve written.

4. Neglecting Mobile Users

With the number of mobile internet users being higher can computer it is hard to neglect mobile users and it is not to forget that many people have their same email accounts connected to both mobile and computer.

Most of us craft the emails on our laptop and it looks great. But wait have you checked how does your email looks like when viewed from a mobile device.

Although most email marketing software has mobile-optimized features, it is always good to test an email by sending it to your mobile.

5. Not Personalizing Emails

The conversations get better with personalization and getting personalized emails makes us feel special.

A study found that personalized emails can increase conversions by 30-40% and still many brands don’t use personalization.

The simple form of personalization is to address the reader by their name and crafting the content like a conversation between two people.

Most email marketing providers like GetResponse, Aweber, etc. offer features to automate personalize emails by their name.

6. Over Sending Emails

People proving you with their email lists have some expectations from you. And getting someone’s email doesn’t give you the right to bombard them with all your sales emails.

Now, put yourself in that situation where you just sign up for something with your email. And the very next minute onward you get a bombard with all their sales emails trying to sell you all kinds of things that you’re not even interested in. An example of it is given below;

Would you like to see this in your mail box?

What do you think you’ll do in that scenario, it obvious that you’re going to unsubscribe to it or put them in the spam list.

If you don’t want that to happen to your emails as well, keep in mind to care about the emails you’ve collected.

Sending them emails related to your latest offers or services or products is fine, that way you can have a better engagement with your audience and they might convert better.

7. Not Sending Follow Up Emails

People are not going to buy your products or services the first time you offer them.

According to a study, 80 percent of the sales needs at least 2-3 follow-ups, however, most marketers send only 1 follow-up.


You can send follow-up emails to the people who showed interest in your product or services.

Schedule your follow-ups to be sent of best days and times.


Making mistakes is part of the game, we gain experience and learn from our mistakes.

However, we can also learn from others’ mistakes too.

There are more mistakes in email marketing that we make knowingly or unknowingly.

These are some of the most common mistakes that can cause you a lot.

Hope it helped you and you can avoid these mistakes to increase your ROI and run a successful email marketing campaign.

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