Get Response Vs Aweber: Which Is Better?

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aweber vs get response review

Email marketing is a great weapon for online marketers and it’s very necessary to choose a good email marketing service before you start your email campaigns.

And if you’re reading this post then most probably you’re confused between two email marketing service i.e. Aweber and Get Response. 

Relax, I’ve made things simple for you. In this comparison, I’ll discuss about the features and pricing of Get Response and Aweber to make things easy for you.

Let’s get started with the comparison,

Side by Side Comparision of features

FeaturesAweberGet Response
Landing PagesAvailableAvailable
Unlimited EmailsAvailableAvailable
Email AutomationAvailableAvailable
Sales FunnelNot AvailableAvailable
Email AnalyticsStandardAdvance
Facebook AdsNot AvailableAvailable
Automation TemplatesAvailableAvailable
Marketing AutomationNot AvailableAvailable
WebinarNot AvailableAvailable
Email Templates700+1000+
Ecommerce ToolsNot AvailableAvailable
Google AdsNot AvailableAvailable
Conversion FunnelNot AvailableAvailable
SurveyNot AvailableAvailable
Sign up FormsAvailableAvailable
Auto-tagging ToolsAvailableAvailable
Push NotificationNot AvailableAvailable
Phone SupportAvailableNot Available
A/B testing for landing pagesNot AvailableAvailable
24/7 SupportAvailableAvailable
Free AccountAvailable30 Days Trial
LinksAweberGet Response

The main features of Aweber and Get Response

Now that we’ve compared those Aweber and Get Response. Let’s check out about the main features of both in details:

Landing Page

Both Aweber and Get Response have several landing page templates. You can create a landing page using the templates and modifying them with the dragging and dropping text boxes, video, pictures and forms.

Although Aweber’s landing pages allow you to connect it to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. However, it doesn’t provide you with solutions like A/B testing or integration with Google Tag Manager which Get Response does.


Creating an email campaign in Aweber and Get Response is quite easy. 

You can run campaigns on autopilot, the only thing you need to do is set an autoresponder and adjust them according to your needs. Things are made more simple with ready-made templates and you can schedule the time too. 

Isn’t that just amazing?

In terms of simple email campaigns both Aweber and Get Response go hand on hand.

Split testing

By split testing, you can try different versions of emails and find the best performing emails to scale it higher.

This can be done in different subject headers, newsletters copy or even templates against each other.

Get Response allows you to split test 5 different variants of e-newsletter against each other. And Aweber allows you to test up to 3 variants against each other.

Send Time Optimization

Send time optimization also called perfect timing. This feature automatically sends your emails at the time you most likely wanted to be opened. Get Response does offer it but Aweber doesn’t provide you with such kind of features.

Although Aweber does provide you with a featured called “send window” which allows you to limit the time you send your automated emails out to a particular time slot but it is not as sophisticated as send-time optimization.


Both Aweber and Get Response have won Stevie awards recently for their customer support, which says a lot about the customer support of both.

Aweber is a better option if you need phone support which Get Response doesn’t provide.

Get Response used to offer with Phone support but now it has only live chat and email support only.

If you are a guy who needs phone support then Aweber is a better option.

However, Get Response email support comes with 8 different types of languages, whereas Aweber has only one i.e. English.

Free trials

Get Response offer with a free trial of 30 days. On the other hand, Aweber has a free plan and it has a capacity of 500 Subscribers.

In this plan, Aweber offers a better deal than Get Response.

Try Get Response here- Get Response

Create a free Aweber account here- Aweber



Aweber offers you with two different plans: “Aweber Free” and “Aweber Pro”.

Aweber’s free plan is for users who have less than 500 subscribers and any newsletter you send with it will feature Aweber adverts.

Aweber Pro unlocks all the features that are offered by Aweber. The pricing structure of it is as follows:

Up to 500 subscribers: $19 monthly plan.

Up to 2500 subscribers: $29 monthly plan.

Up to 5000 subscribers: $49 monthly plan.

Up to 10000 subscribers: $69 monthly plan.

Up to 25000 subscribers: $149 monthly plan.


Get Response

Get Response comes with four different types of plans. 

Those are:

Basic plan: $15 monthly plan up to 1000 subscribers.

Plus plan: $49 monthly plan up to 1000 subscribers.

Professional plan: $99 monthly plan up to 1000 subscribers.

Max: Negotiable.


Pros of Aweber and Get Response


  • An entire free plan.
  • It has a built-in landing page builder.
  • All email templates are responsive.
  • It lets you choose whether to let people subscribe to your list on a single opt-in or double opt-in basis.
  • The customer service of Aweber is worth talking. The customer service of Aweber is so fast and friendly.

Get Response

  • It’s reporting features are comprehensive.
  • Creating campaigns and landing pages are extremely.
  • Drag and drop feature is easy to use.
  • It is ideal for setting up and using any number of the segmented list.

Cons of Aweber And Get Response


  • Some templates look a bit dated.
  • Can’t include or exclude multiple segments at once when sending an e-newsletter.
  • Unsubscribed emails don’t get excluded from the list.
  • The price of the plans seems to be expansive as they don’t offer any extra feature.

Get Response

  • No phone support is provided.
  • A/B testing is strong but the analytics are slow and confusing.
  • Drag and drop feature has limitations.


Both offers great services and they got flaws too.

Some features of Aweber are better than Get Response and vice-versa.

If you want a free account then you can go try out Aweber but if don’t mind to pay some extra bucks to get extra features then Get Response is worth trying.

You can also check out our 7 Features You Need To Know About Get Response and think about it.

What do you think about it?

Lemme know in the comment section.

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