How to get verified on Instagram?

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If you are already introduced to Instagram and have used it, then you might have seen a blue tick on the usernames of celebrities and some of the business companies.

You ask, “Why?”.

Well, its because those accounts have been verified by Instagram.

So, talking about getting verified on Instagram, well, you just have to make a simple request to Instagram. I have written down some steps of instructions for requesting Instagram to get a verification. Make sure you are logged-in to the account that you want to verify before appealing for verification.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to get verified on Instagram and what are the benefits of it.

But before getting started with the steps, lets learn a little about a verified Instagram account.

Benefits of a verified Instagram account

Getting verified on Instagram lets your reach spread more further. It lets you take things on another level. Verification lets the people know that you are worth following. Here are some of the benefits of a verified Instagram account.

  • A Trustworthy Account

Having a simple blue tick along with your brand name can gain you numbers of followers and trustworthiness. You must have heard of brand collaboration, Right? They won’t offer their brand promotion to any account if the account isn’t influential or trustworthy. So, with a verified account, they will have no problem offering you a collaboration as its verified by Instagram themselves.

  • Increased brand awareness

A verified account will always be on top of a suggestion list. This lets you have a higher chance of engagements. Which may eventually lead to your account receiving deals and collaboration proposal from other brands on the similar platforms.

  • Early access to Special features

Instagram offers you access to special features without any condition to help you get monetized. For example, let’s talk about the swipe-up feature. For a normal account, you are asked to have at least 10000 followers to avail this feature but once you are verified, the number of followers doesn’t matter anymore as Instagram will simply unlock the feature for you.

How to request for a verification?

  1. Open your Instagram profile by tapping on the bottom-right profile icon.
  2. Tap on the menu by tapping on the top-right corner or swipe towards your left.
  3. Select and open setting.
  4. In the setting menu, tap on the account option.
  5. Search for request verification in the account setting and tap on it.
  6. You should already be getting a form with your account name on it. Then, add your full name. In case of business account, type the full name of the account manager.
  7. Now, select or capture a photo of your ID and upload it in the “Choose file” option. If it’s a solo account, upload the photo of your passport, driving license or any other official ID. For a business account, any business-related documents are valid.
  8. Tap “send” to submit your verification request.

So, did you do all the steps right? If “yes”, are you verified on Instagram already?

Well, keep your calm, you are not yet verified. Your verification request on Instagram goes through a process and might take a period of time. Your request will be under inspection by an individual moderator at IG. It is him/her who decides whether or not to approve your request for the blue tick. It can take a couple of months without any response. But there’s nothing to worry, once the authorities have come to a conclusion, they will notify you on your app, letting you know if you are verified or not.

Well, if your request is denied, then you can ask for another verification after 30 days of the first request conclusion.

What will increase the chance to get verified on Instagram?

Instagram themselves have stated the requirements for getting verified on the platform on their help centre. Well, here are some of the points to follow if you want to really looking for the blue tick on your Instagram handle.

  • Your request will not get approved once the moderators feels that you are not obeying their terms and conditions as well as the guidelines.
  • Your account should be featured on news sources and be well known by people.
  • The account should be your own or of a real business organization.
  • Your account should not be in private mode.
  • Make sure your account has a legit profile picture, information and bio.
  • Avoid using fake info about the account as it can also lead to a permanent ban.
  • Remember not to divert your followers to follow you on other social platforms through links.

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