How to Write a Blog Post That Generates Traffic?

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how to write blogposts

Writing a blog can be compared to storytelling. If your story isn’t told properly the listeners may feel boring and leave it without listing the whole story, no matter how interesting the story is.

It goes the same with writing a blog, you need to be informative and engaging at the same time. This is what makes writing a blog post difficult.

In this post, I’m going to tell you what I do before writing my blog posts and how you can implement it too, to write your blog posts.

Let’s get started.

Deciding A Topic

Deciding the topic can be pretty easy. You can just collect data of your most popular blog posts and write a blog post around those topics.

Now, you must be thinking that what if non of your blog posts are ranking at the top of search engines or you’re just starting with blogging.

In that case, you can use keyword research tools like Answer the Public, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, etc.

Here’s some tips by Neil Patel on writing blog posts-

Credit- Neil Patel

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Research On The Topic You Are Writing

When someone says you, they know everything they’re writing on their blogs is a big fat lier. Even professionals don’t know everything. And sometimes we don’t know about the topics we are writing about. This doesn’t mean that whatever you’re reading on a blog post is fake.

And if you’re a blogger, you should have the habit of writing on topics that you have no idea about. 

With this what I meant to say is write on topics you have no idea about but do proper research about that topic before you write about it.

And have a peek at your competitors to get an idea about what they’re writing and don’t copy what your competitors are writing on that topic.

You can also refer to Wikipedia sometimes but remember that Wikipedia can’t every time provide you with a clear picture of your topics. Although Wikipedia has thousands of researched articles.

If you want to follow third party sources for your blog post, choose authentic websites for your research. Government websites, official associations, and preeminent industry experts are some good examples of it.

Writing An Overview

You can’t simply create great blogs. Even professional bloggers need a rough idea to keep their content on track.

Before you start writing the blog posts in detail, always make sure to write a rough overview about it.

Here’s how do mine:

Title of the blog

A little introduction on what I’m going to write or explain in the post.


Some important keywords regarding that headline.


Some important keywords regarding that headline.


Some important keywords regarding that headline.


Wrapping up with a conclusion.

The main purpose of this overview is to help you keep on track. Now when you start writing the actual article, you will know what you want to write.

It’s up to you when you want to write those outlines or overview, whatever you call it, in a piece of paper, word editor, note copy, etc. just make sure that you can focus on those outlines while writing.

Filling The Outlines

Now that you’ve done the research about your topic and wrote an overview of the blog post, it’s time to fill those outlines.

You can start writing your blog post based on your headlines. As a writer, the most difficult part for me is writing the introduction, and as far as I know, many people face problems while writing the introduction.

So, it’s better to write the introduction, at last, this will boost your writing.

Adding Images

After you’re done writing the blog post, it’s time to add some images and videos that are relevant to your post.

canva image
This is a random image I found on Canva

Adding images and videos doesn’t only improve your content quality but also helps to engage with the readers.

Don’t you think websites that don’t have much or any photos on their posts look kinda boring? You can call me weird but I don’t personally like to read blog posts that don’t contain images and videos on them. And many people scan blog posts rather than reading them line by line.

To create images for your blog, you can use Canva for free. I personally edit all of my website images on Canva.

Final Touch

Say now you’re done with all the writing and adding images and videos stuff. Now it’s time to give a final touch to the blog post. And by the term final touch what I meant to say is this is the last time of edit before you publish your blog post publicly. For that, you can ask your friends and colleagues to read your post and give some feedback.

This will help you to correct your grammatical mistakes and to remove some irrelevant sentences that don’t make sense.


You may be a terrible writer.

But believe me, you can write better articles and blog posts following these methods.

You don’t need to be a professional at writing to create good blog posts.

I’m a terrible writer myself but I try my best to explain things, so, you could understand and implement them for your work as well.

You don’t need to write good blog posts every time, you just need a few blog posts that will stand out and generate a huge amount of traffic for your site.

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