3 Steps To Make Money With ClickBank (PPC Ads Method)

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make money with clickbank

Many people struggle to make money with Clickbank especially when they’re just starting out.

Some of the reasons they suffer may be due to a lack of proper knowledge about ClickBank products or the wrong promotional method.

In this post, I’ve mentioned the quickest way to make money with ClickBank and this is the method that I’ve used while I was getting started with affiliate marketing and still using it.

I assumed that you’ve already created a Clickbank account and have access to it.

Let’s get started.

Select A Product

Most newbies fail to make money with Clickbank because they choose a random product and start promoting it. 

Before you actually realize, you’ve already made a huge loss, and your motivation to make money with ClickBank fades away.

That’s why choosing a proper product is as important to increase the chances of your success on ClickBank.

Before you select a product to promote make sure to look at these things i.e. Gravity, Sales Page, Commission percentage, and Niche.

clickbank products

Now let’s break them down one by one:

  • Gravity usually determines the number of affiliates who made a commission from a certain product in the past couple of weeks. A gravity of 50-100 is decent for a product and as the gravity increases the competition also increases as well.
  • Most people leave without buying when the sales page is not attractive. Although most of the sales pages on ClickBank are good and high converting but still make sure to check the sales page before you promote any ClickBank Product.
  • You don’t want to promote products that have less commission. If you do you may face losses when you start to scale your promotions using paid methods.
  • If you have a website or anything related, it’s better to stick to that niche. And if you are using landing page creators like Unbounce and Get Response, you can go with any niche. The niches that I highly recommend are- make money online, health and fitness, and DIY (Do It Yourself).

I don’t want to reveal it but to make things easier for you here are some of the high converting products of Clickbank that I’ve found and made over a hundred thousand dollars by promoting these products.

Create a Landing Page

Let’s assume that you’ve found a product to promote. The next thing you need to do is create a landing page. The main purpose of creating is landing page is to get approved on ad platforms like Google and Bing. Apart from that landing page also helps you make a good impression of the product to your audience.

The more engaging the landing page is the better the product converts.

Unbounce and Get Response are the landing page builders that I use and recommend people to use.

It is very easy to create a landing page on Unbounce and Get Response, you just need to select a template and modify it according to your needs.


Now that you’ve chosen high converting products and created a great landing page too. How are you going to get sales if people don’t know about that product?

Promoting affiliate products using organic traffic is slow and it takes more time than expected.

The best way to see fast results with affiliate marketing or promoting Clickbanks products (being specific) is to use paid promotional methods.

There are a lot of paid advertising methods such as Google Adwords, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, and the list continues.

You can start promoting with a daily minimum budget of $10 and you can increase the budget when you actually start getting results.

I don’t really prefer using Facebook Ads due to its high competition, as a result of it, the products get saturated way too soon.

You can also use Google Ads to promote your affiliate products but there are certain products that don’t allow you to promote in Google Ads or its partners.

So, the only profitable platform left is to use native ads. You can also use platforms like Bing Ads, Tik Tok Ads, and soon on, they’re all great platforms to promote Clickbank offers.


Making money with ClickBank is not as difficult as most newbies feel.

You just need to select a proper product and promote it on the right platform that’s all it takes to make money on Clickbank.

Following these methods, you can probably make your first sale.

Are you using these methods to promote your ClickBank Products?

Lemme know in the comment section.

Earning Disclaimer:- Digital Knowledge doesn’t guarantee your success. Your success totally depends on your efforts and hard work.

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