Unbounce Review: Creating High Converting Pages Is Easy?

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Landing pages are necessary in order to increase sales and conversions. And if you are in Digital Marketing then you know it better than anyone else.

Creating a high converting landing page can be a difficult task for many and many marketers don’t underestimate landing pages.

As a result the conversion rate decrease drastically.

In this Unbounce review, I’m going to discuss on some important features Unbounce provides that are difficult to get on other page builders.

Let’s get started.

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is a page builder that helps you create awesome and attractive landing pages to collect emails or for affiliate marketing purposes, etc.

You can build landing pages using the existing landing page templates or you can build a landing page from scratch using the drag and drop editor of Unbounce.

Features Of Unbounce

Unbounce is primarily known and used for its awesome page building features.

There are other features that Unbounce offers you beyond its page building feature and many of these features are useful when it comes to creating and optimizing landing pages.

Since Unbounce is known for its page building features, let’s start with the landing pages.


Unbounce is known for its page building features. So, it is not surprising for it to 100+ landing page templates- all free.

Many templates are industry-based and they’re also optimized for conversions.

The templates also have matching designs with other elements created in Unbounce, which includes emails, forms, and social ads.

Landing Pages

Creating a landing page for your website or business is really easy using the drag and drop editor of Unbounce, you don’t need to have coding skills or hire professionals.

You can create a landing page by choosing one of the many templates present on Unbounce or you can create a landing page from scratch.

When it comes to customization and performance, Unbounce is at the top of it. There are no other page builders that provide full control over customization as Unbounce does.

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Adding Custom Domain

Your landing page looks more professional when you have your custom domain address.

Unbounce allows you to connect your custom domain and create your custom landing page URL.

You can add your website domain, WordPress domain, or a domain you just want to use for affiliate marketing purposes.

Here’s how to connect it with your custom domains

A/B Testing

To succeed in digital marketing it is necessary to test things out, the same goes for landing pages.

Unbounce understands it very well so they provide extensive A/B testing features to all of its plans.

You can try A/B testing in just a few clicks on your computer to test different landing pages or different variations of the same landing page.

This is an important feature that marketers need for pages that are designed to convert and it’s sadder when you find out that many page builder doesn’t provide this feature.


If you’re into digital marketing then you’re probably going to need more than one tool.

It great to know that Unbounce integrates with some of the most popular marketing tools present in the market.

Here’s the list of some tools that Unbounce integrates with-

  • Crazy Egg
  • Excel
  • Facebook
  • GetResponse
  • Gmail
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • LiveChat
  • MailChimp
  • Marketo
  • Zendesk
  • WordPress
  • Kissmetrics

It also offers an API so your developers can create customized integrations.


You can contact the Unbounce support from 5 A.M to 5 P.M PST via Phone, LiveChat, or Email.

Here’s something great about the support, you can contact the support and ask any queries regardless of your plan or account you hold. You will always get your answers.

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Along with other features, it is also important to check the securities. Chrome and other browsers warn their users if the site is actually safe or not. Seeing a warning from browsers can create trust issues.

With Unbounce you don’t have to worry about those cause Unbounce keeps everything secure with automatic SSL encryption and session time-outs.

Mobile-Friendly Pages

More than half of the internet users browse the internet using their smartphones. So, it is hard to ignore mobile users.

Mobile-friendly pages are important to get the most out of the internet and many page builders don’t optimize their pages for mobile devices.

With Unbounce you can create pages that are responsive to all kinds of devices. This means your landing page will look great on all kinds of screens, big or small.

Along with that it also provides AMP (Acceraleted Mobile Pages) technology. So that your pages load at lightning speed on mobile devices too.

Popups and Sticky Bars

Popups and sticky bars are great ways to increase traffic and conversions.

And Unbounce allows you to create Popups and sticky bars, now you can create your own popups and sticky bars for your websites.

To help you more here’s a video on how to create a landing page on Unbounce from scratch-


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Pricing Of Unbounce

Unbounce offers you with four monthly and annual plans. 

They are- Launch, Optimize, Accelerate, and Scale.

Let’s talk about the features of each plan.

Visitors- Upto 20,000
Conversions- Upto 500
Domains- 1
Price- $120/month
Visitors- Upto 30,000
Conversions- Upto 1,000
Domains- 3
Price- $200
Visitors- Upto 40,000
Conversions- Upto 2,000
Domains– 7
Price- $300
Visitors- Upto 50,000
Conversions- Upto 3,000
Domains- 15

You get access to unlimited landing pages, popups, and sticky bars on all plans.

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Pros and Cons

Nothing comes without cons and Unbounce is no different.

Let’s look at it’’s pros and cons


  • Focused security.
  • Full control on customization.
  • Plenty of integration options.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to create mobile-friendly pages.
  • Plenty of templates to use.
  • Very little or no coding skills required.


  • Limited support hours.
  • No beginners tutorial.


Overall Unbounce creates handy landing pages that will assist you to convert clicks (into benefits). If you’re trying to create a landing page for a conversion, you should go ahead and try Unbounce. And yes, you can also contact the officials through live chats.

But even after all these, you might still have doubts as well as the thought of losing your investment which will make you double-check Unbounce or maybe take a step back. Well, keep your worries aside, because Unbounce gives you 14 days of a free trial.

So, by that period of time, you’ll have an opportunity to try it out and decide for yourselves if Unbounce is worth investing in.

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