A Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing started booming in recent years and many people are making thousands of dollars if not millions from affiliate marketing.

Now that we’re going through a global pandemic, it is necessary for us to have a side income. And affiliate marketing can be the safest and easy online business to start.

You ask why?

Because you can start affiliate marketing with zero investment. And also affiliate marketing can be a risk-free business if you don’t scale your business using paid methods.

Let’s learn what affiliate marketing is?

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting some other’s products and bringing sales to them. The owner of the products or the vendor pays some percentage of his profits to the affiliates.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to worry about shipping and other stuff, all those are done by the vendor. The only thing you have to do is to promote the products and bring a sale.

How does it work?

The cycle of affiliate marketing works due to 3 people getting involved in it-

  1. The Vendor
  2. The Advertiser
  3. The Consumer or the Buyer
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The vendor- Also known as the creator, seller, retailer, or the owner of the product. They are the ones to produce or create products. The products can be physical things like household items, or services like SEO tools, Courses, etc.

The Vendor can be a solo entrepreneur or a massive company. The only thing that matters is that they should have products to sell.

The affiliates or advertisers- The advertiser can an individual or a company they are the ones to promote the products and drive traffics to the product. 

It’s where marketing happens. An affiliate promotes one or multiple products at a time and tries to attract and convince potential customers who eventually end up buying the product or products.

The consumer- We all know about them, so I won’t go into detail about them. In short, they are the ones to purchase the products. But without the consumers the whole affiliate marketing cycle fails, if there are no sales then there are no commissions.

How much money do we need to get started with affiliate marketing?

It depends on you, you can start affiliate marketing with zero investments. The main thing that matters in affiliate marketing is bringing sales and promoting the product. You can promote the products for free or spend some bucks on ads to promote the product.

There are lots of people that started affiliate marketing with zero investment and started earning commissions. In fact, I was one of them. You can scale your promotion using ads or other paid methods, once you start earning commissions.

What do we need to get started with affiliate marketing?

There are certain things to keep in mind before we start affiliate marketing. In this guide, you’ll learn about the major things that are essential components to start affiliate marketing-

  1. Choosing a niche- Choosing the correct niche can be very essential if you are starting as a beginner. Some of the best converting niches are health and fitness, e-marketing, and pet niche. These are some of the evergreen affiliate niches and the demand for these is very high.
  2. Finding affiliate programs to join- There are tons of affiliate programs around from low to high paying affiliate programs. Some of the best affiliate programs are Clickbank, JVzoo, warrior plus, and Clickfunnels, you can get everything in these affiliate platforms. From a low-paying affiliate program to a high-paying affiliate program.
  3. Deciding a platform to promote- Honestly speaking you can promote your offer on any platform, even your Instagram profile or Facebook profile will work.

However, it is much easier to drive traffic and get more affiliate sales on two platforms. Those are- a blog and a YouTube channel.

Starting a blog is very easy and cheap these days. You can create a blog for free on bloggers, google sites, Wix, etc.  Once you are done with the site optimize it for search engine so you have a better chance of ranking it in search engine. Now, add your affiliate links in your posts and get free affiliate sales from it.

Getting started with a review channel can be much easier. Create content that is attractive and optimize your videos for SEO to rank higher, you then can put your affiliate links in the description. This way you’ll have a better chance of getting more sales through your affiliate links.

  1. Creating great content- By the term great content, I didn’t mean to say the content should be outstanding so that everyone loves it. What I mean to say is that your content should be decent and it satisfies the need of your viewers. If your visitors leave the page as soon as they enter it then all of your work will go in vain and result in nothing.
  2. Driving traffic-  After you’ve created great content and published it. The next step is to drive traffic into your article, there are mainly 2 ways to drive traffic to your site
  1. Paid traffic- This is where you pay to get more traffic into your site. You can use native ads for them. The best part of it is that you get traffic as soon as you start paying for it.

However, nothing comes without disadvantages. 

Firstly, running ads can lower your profit margin and it’s quite normal to lose money before you start getting profits.

Secondly, once you stop paying for the ads, your traffic will decrease rapidly.

Paid ads can be a great strategy if you are in a high paying affiliate program but it will be of no use if you are in a low paying affiliate program like amazon affiliates or have no knowledge about ad campaigns. This where you start using email marketing campaigns.

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  1. Organic traffic using SEO– SEO stands for Search engine optimization. SEO is the practice of ranking your site or page in search engines like google. Check our SEO article to learn more about SEO.

This can be a great option if you want free and passive traffic. 

The basics of SEO are-

  •  Keyword research.
  • Creating content around the topics of your niche.
  • Taking care of technical stuff like building backlinks, page load time, etc. to rank higher in search results.


Affiliate marketing can be a great option if you want to start earning passive income.

However, it can be difficult for you to generate sales and traffic in the beginning but once you start driving traffic you can earn money while you are sleeping.

If you want to get success overnight then affiliate marketing is not made for you, affiliate marketing needs lots of hard work and patience at the beginning of it, although it gives you passive income in the latter part of it. 

The first thing you should do is make your 1st sale and you can set new goals as your site keeps growing. This is how you generate income from affiliate marketing eventually.

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